Hi, I am the Grrrl… and I am Mr Sakitumi (Ladies first [-_-]). Together we are Mr Sakitumi & the Grrrl. We love tickling your retinas and cuddling your ears, and especially like to make you smile through our art. We are creators, live performers and world travelers with our quirky combination of visuals and music. We entertain with our personal art from the heart all the way through to animating and sounddesigning the commercial playground. Welcome to our Site, we hope you enjoy your stay. There are warm towels on the rail and a chocolate on the pillow.

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This is me playing a bunch of instruments, writing and recording a track from scratch, but filming as each part gets recorded. It’s my first video experiment of this kind. I shot and edited it myself. Ableton Live was used for both the audio and the video editing I wouldn’t call this a music video, it’s more a video of music being made. Here is Franklinstein….it’s Aliiiiive!!

Valpre “don’t worry”

The brief was quite simple: kids playing and a meaningful message at the end of it. I just happened to have bought a ukulele the day before this briefing. Coincidence – I THINK NOT… the instrument led the pace of the playfulness of the entire piece and I was able to flex more orchestral skills deeper in. Playful and Epic – it’s what I do best.

Mr Sakitumi Theme Song

A little video mashup created in Ableton Live and a fitting chorus

Wimpy The Skoltimaiers

Sean was asked to adapt the pop hit “funky town” from the eighties to be played on glasses. spent the day banging on tabletops, clinking and tapping away… super fun

Sleep Well Tonight

I was given Posters designed by Anthony Burrill and asked to translate them into motion so I conceptualised a range of stop motion animations incorporating his design into a fun feel good call to action for Do It Day. Thank you Alexis Roberts and the amazing team that came together and gave so freely of their energy and time for a great cause.

Scotland from Home

This fantastically funfilled Campaign was directed by the great Jason Xenopolous. Eugenie, Editor from Priest, and myself worked closely together to get the unique animations to really fit the edit and overall styling. This campaign went on to win Gold and Silver Loerie Awards for the Team and the Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town

Vj for the FANpark 2010

The soccerfever gripped us tight; we spent every night vjing for the great bands on display at the FIFA Fanpark in the centre of the city. The majestic Table Mountain as an ever-changing glamorous backdrop. Thank you to the fearless team of vjs and camera people braving the vuvuzela toting masses, also huge thanks to The Storyboy for this edit and the
fabulous motion graphics

Fresh Living TV

A fun stop motion project for the intro sequence for a local Television Show. I collaborated with the great MochoLoco for the handcrafted paper artwork, much more fun than clicking a mouse : )

Everything must go

The grrrl also collaborates with noel – together they are PonYpaNda . The ponypanda had heaps of fun stop motion animating the amazing art created by david shillinglaw and indigo for their exhibition at wordofart.

Music – Sean Ou Tim “Mr Sakitumi – This That”
Artworks – David Shillinglaw and Indigo
Stop Motion – Inka Kendzia, Noël Labridy,
Adam Kent Wiest
Vj – Ponypanda (Inka & Noël)
A WordofArt Exhibition

Red Bull Mobile Launch

We created all visual content for the night of the launch of Red Bull Mobile in SA. This 3 minute video was created together with Wicked Pixels and was played as the main launch moment of the night also featuring Faithless and Goldfish performing live at the Turbine Hall in Johannesburg. SayThankYou composed the music for this launch video played across 5 screens surrounding the audience in the Industrial chic venue

Mediclinic Longjump

I conceptualised and designed all motion graphics for this commercial for Mediclinic. As always it is great to work with the Jupiter Drawing Room team and the amazing director Jeana Theron/

Mr Sakitumi

Got to record the sounds from a super car. Made a track out of it…. was super fun… got to drive fast

Thank you to the amazing team that made this all possible
Dylan Culhane – Director
Carol – Editor (Bring back choirboy/Priest)
Crystal birch – Styling

Michael Ellis – Camera

Kaley – Make Up

Rio – Producer

The Grrrl

We were invited to be inspired by the sights and sounds while driving the Mercedes E 500 convertible with the top down to create a musicvideo for MB life – the online magazine
We loved every moment!
The super short turn around time – delivery of a 3minute 33seconds video 3 days after the shoot – made for vj effects in the online process rather than using AFX .


Mr Sakitumi

I retimed some of the loops in Ableton live and gave these to the grrrl for the edit

For the music, I also co-produced as Mr Sakitumi with GoodLuck

The Grrrl

The great Goodluck asked for some added grrrlpower for their track “Bounce me Brother”

I treated some of the clips recording a live mix out of VDMX and then used this, the original clips and the loops from Mr Sakitumi for the edit.
It was fab to build a little paper stage and project the edit that Mr Sakitumi and myself had much looping fun putting together.


Mr Sakitumi

we had fun putting some stop motion visuals to the beat … keeping it really simple.. sound to visual to sound.
This was created as a team

Inka Kendzia (THE GRRRL)
Fletcher Beadon (HIMSELF)

The Grrrl

I cut up various bits of stop motion fun that had been created previously together with Vicky and Noël for the Loerie Awards Show visuals.

Fletcher also mastered the sound for added oomph

Mr Sakitumi

happy 2013

The Grrrl

to all you super beings

Mr Sakitumi

The Grrrl

This is a collection of glimpses of work the Grrrl has created for MEME over the last few years. Content creation in the form of animations and motion graphics for various platforms ranging from commercials and title sequences to documentaries and musicvideos

Mr Sakitumi

The Grrrl

This shows two of our gigs in Switzerland as a yummy combo edit; LeZoo Usine and The Loft Café. We loved the multi screen visal set up at LeZoo – the best gig for visuals – and the super rocking huge sound.

Mr Sakitumi

The Grrrl

This is the behind the scenes fun we had bringing the Jungle Jimmy to life. It was hot… it was really really hot… Cape Town in a heat wave… always a good time to switch on lights and climb into an even hotter suit, but Tao performed brilliantly and kept his smile. The many characters had been waiting for months to boogie to the beat and now the bunnies got to hop about. As you can see by the credits, we are a small team, a family affair, no budget, just endless love, laughter and creativity… 3 lights, a fan and a garage

Mr Sakitumi

The Grrrl

Official music video created for Mr Sakitumi by the Grrrl, aka Inka Kendzia. In collaboration with fantastic sewing, stitching and suitmaking by Bev Hodgen, dancing by Tao Hodgen as the Jungle Jimmy… Thank you to the Hodgen family for their expertise and garage ; )

Mr Sakitumi

we were briefed by our friends from singh&sons to create an AV for YDE to be used as a giant double projections screen backdrop during their fashion show – it’s the year of the dog, the dog must win, all chinese zodiac animals fight… go wild and come up with something. Sean had this fabulous piece of music lying around he had written for his live set.

The Grrrl

Jiljarvis and myself brainstormed the fights taking the characteristics of each animal into consideration and created the characters and storyline, animating in AFX. and hey presto, just over a month later we created this…

Mr Sakitumi

The Grrrl

a short clip of our gig opening the westerunie stage at the first ever pitch festival in amsterdam summer 2011…